WE Gen 4 Glock 18
WE Gen 4 Glock 18
WE Gen 4 Glock 18
WE Gen 4 Glock 18
WE Gen 4 Glock 18

WE Gen 4 Glock 18

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The WE Gen 4 Glock 18 is a great side arm for anyone on the airsoft field, ideal for a fast firing sidearm to keep your enemies at bay.

The Gen 4 Glock is a semi automatic and fully automatic gas blowback pistol, with a lightweight design it's ideal for any load out as it adds minimal weight. The glock series of pistols has a large amount of after market parts available making it easily upgraded and easy to make unique to yourself.

The G18 has a fully automatic and semi automatic fire modes making it great as it can easily be adjusted for any situation to make it safer to use in tight indoor CQB sites. The gun also performs exceptionally well in outdoor fields and with it's adjustable hop up it can be tweaked to make shooting at longer range easier and more accurate.

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  • Weight - 500g
  • Length - 200mm
  • Barrel Length - 90mm
  • Gas Blow-Back Action
  • Fire Modes - Semi-Automatic and Fully-Automatic
  • Magazine Capacity - 24 Rounds
  • Bullet Calibre - 6mm BB
  • Power Source - Green Gas

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Package Includes:

  • WE G18 Gen 4 Pistol
  • 24 Round Magazine
  • Instruction Manual
  • Original Box

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