Nuprol NX200 Pistol Torch

Nuprol NX200 Pistol Torch

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The Nuprol NX200 Pistol Torch is a compact but bright lighting unit to mount underneath of your side arm of choice. Useful for lighting up those hard to see areas or use them for tracking your shots to make sure you are on target.

Easily mounted onto the rail system of a wide range of pistols including, Glocks, F Series pistols and any other pistol with a 20mm Picatinny Rail. The torch features an easy on and off switch which benefits the user greatly as you dont even have to take your eyes off the sights to use the torch.

Although it is designed for pistol use the torch will also fit onto any rifle with the same RIS 20mm rail system making for a versatile and compact lighting system. The torch has an output of 200 lumens form its CREE LED bulb. The torch is powered by the long lasting CR123a batteries.

  • Compact Design
  • Versatile 
  • Full Metal Construction
  • 200 Lumen Output