Nuprol 3.0 Green Gas
Nuprol 3.0 Green Gas

Nuprol 3.0 Green Gas

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The Nuprol 3.0 Green Gas is great for getting extra power out of your pistol or rifle and making it more efficient in cold weather.

When the cold weather sets in GBB guns begin to hibernate. Well, not any more. Nuprol have come up with a solution to help all you GBB users and help you get the best out of your rifle and pistol even on the colder days. 

The gas is ideal for rifles but can be used in pistols however we only recommend it to be used with a metal slide due to it's higher power output. The gas also has a silicone content within helping you maintain your rifle whilst using it. 

Our Recommendations:

We always recommend for you to clean your rifle or pistol with a silicone oil as well as using this gas. This ensures that it operates well and stays performing well at all times in the field. We recommend a high quality oil like the one below.

Nuprol Premium Silicone Oil


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