Enola Gaye MK5 Thunderflash

Enola Gaye MK5 Thunderflash

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The Enola Gaye MK5 Thunderflash is one of the most popular distraction devices used in the airsoft and paintball games, creating a large bang it can be used to eliminate or distract enemies in order to gain the upper hand.

The Thunderflash series of grenades from Enola Gaye are some of the most used pyrotechnics on the field today, handy for indoor or outdoor scenarios the MK5 is loud enough for a distraction or to be used as a grenade to eliminate enemy players. 

With a 4-6 second fuse delay we advise that the grenade should be thrown as soon as possible after striking the fuse and not to 'cook' the grenade to reduce it's fuse time. The payload is very minimal and is just the cardboard which covers the unit making it a safe pyrotechnic even when going off next to someone. 


  • Strike to Light Fuse
  • Minimal Payload Dispersal
  • Small Size
  • Weighs only 0.5g
  • Max 120dB at 10m