Enola Gaye EG18X Smoke Grenade
Enola Gaye EG18X Smoke Grenade
Enola Gaye EG18X Smoke Grenade

Enola Gaye EG18X Smoke Grenade

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The EG18X is one grenade you will always want after using it once, Enola Gaye really have provided with this smoke grenade and it certainly shows through it's performance. Quick dispersion and a large amount of smoke makes this grenade perfect when out in the field.

The EG18X is one of the closest grenades a civilian can get without any license, its dispersion and amount of smoke provided is great for airsofters and paintballers. The EG18X takes little time to be filling the field with smoke after you have deployed the grenade and its sure to mask any movement making it a great asset on the field

It has a 2 second fuse delay in order to give the user time to deploy the grenade and take advantage of it's large smoke output, the unit approximately lasts around 50 seconds which is a minimal amount of time for it's output. Partnered with Enola Gaye's wire pull ignition the grenade is super easy to use whether you have gloves on or not. 


  • 2 Second Fuse Delay
  • Approximately 50 Second Smoke Output
  • Fast Smoke Dispersal
  • Weighs only 40g