Support Weapons

For when you need to put as much rounds down range as possible, there's only one type of gun you need. The Support Weapon is the rifle which is used to suppress the enemy and allow your team to get up close and personal. 

SAWs (Squad Automatic Weapons) can be used in many situations, whether it's defending a static position or used for mounting assaults on a position. 


Personalised dog tags with the purchase of any airsoft gun. Please type dog tag details in the Add a note to your order box in the shopping cart when checking out.

Each dog tag can be stamped with up to 5 lines
Each line holds a maximum of 15 characters (inc. spaces)

Characters to choose from are:
1234567890 ( ) - / ‘ & . c/o

Don't have a UKARA? No problem! We can two-tone the rifle for you, just add the two-tone service to your cart along with the gun.

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