PTS  Magpul Masada GBB (Tan)
PTS  Magpul Masada GBB (Tan)

PTS Magpul Masada GBB (Tan)

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The PTS Magpul Masada GBB rifle is one of the most authentic replicas of the Masada in todays airsoft market. Features such as ambidextrous fire controls and tool-less disassembly, this weapon can be reconfigured for barrel length and stock with very basic or no tools at all. The PTS Magpul Masada is set to the 14.5" carbine length barrel and folding stock providing versatility and mobility. The modular design allows for a very high level of customization and multiple configurations to accommodate a number of scenarios. The upper receiver is CNC machined with a milspec M1913 rail for optics,sights,peq boxes and other accessories. The lower receiver is reinforced polymer. The magazine is  38 roun EPM M4. The PTS Magpul Masada uses a KSC/KWA derived proprietary GBB system. The charging handle can be changed from one side to the other with ease. An intergrated flip up front sight is used and is compatible with standard M4/M16 rear sights. The rear sight is polymer flip up design. This is a very satisfying weapon with a very satisfying sound.

Ambidextrous fire controls

Ambidextrous charging handle

14.5" barrel (quick change)

Tool-less system

CNC machined upper receiver

Flip up sights

38 round EPM gbb mag