GBBRs (Gas Blow Back Rifles)

GBBRs or Gas Blow Back Rifles offer a realistic approach to airsoft and gives the user a new way to play. 

If you are wanting a realistic airsoft gun then look no further than a GBBR, they offer more recoil than standard AEGs and have more realistic ammo capacities giving the user a more authentic experience.

If you are looking for a new experience in airsoft then GBBRs are great and offer the same and in some cases better performance than AEGs, powered by Green Gas or CO2 capsules the need for a battery and motor is now gone which makes the rifles easy to upgrade when it comes to external parts. 

If you have any questions about GBBRs and how they operate feel free to get in contact with us and we will be happy to help.


Personalised dog tags with the purchase of any Airsoft gun. Please type dog tag details in the Add a note to your order box in the shopping cart when checking out.

Each dog tag can be stamped with up to 5 lines
Each line holds a maximum of 15 characters (inc. spaces)

Characters to choose from are:
1234567890 ( ) - / ‘ & . c/o

Don't have a UKARA? No problem! We can two-tone the rifle for you, just add the two-tone service to your cart along with the gun




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